git repo status


Show a summary of git status on each project. For each file in the project, a two-letter code is used. The first letter stands for changes of index, and the second letter stands for changes of worktree.

In the first column, an uppercase letter indicates how the index differs from the last committed state.

Letter Meaning Description
- No change Same in HEAD and index
A Added Not in HEAD, in index
M Modified In HEAD, modified in index
D Deleted In HEAD, not in index
R Renamed Not in HEAD, path changed in index
C Copied Not in HEAD, copied from another in index
T Mode changed Same content in HEAD and index, mode changed
U Unmerged Conflict between HEAD and index; resolution required

In the second column, a lowercase letter indicates how the working directory differs from the index.

Letter Meaning Description
- New/unknown Not in index, in work tree
m Modified In index, in work tree, modified
d Deleted In index, not in work tree
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