git repo init


Initialize the current workspace or re-initialize workspace with different options.

Will create .repo directory inside workspace while executing git repo init. There are one manifest repository and manifest file .repo/manifest.xml inside.

Some options of git repo init will save as git configs in the .repo/manifests.git repository, such as -m <name>, -g <groups> options.


git repo init -u <URL> [options...]


Available options:

  • -u <URL>: URL of manifest project.
  • -b <branch>: Manifest branch or revision to be checked out (default “master”).
  • -m <name>: Manifest file name used to initialize workspace (default “default.xml”).
  • -g <groups>: Restrict manifest projects to ones with specified group(s) [default|all|G1,G2,G3|G4,-G5,-G6] (default “default”).
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