Git Configuration Extensions

Install git config extensions

git-repo will create an extra git config file: .git-repo/gitconfig after the first execution. Please do not edit this file directly, for the new upgrade version may overwrite it.

If this additional git config file does not exist, run git-repo to create it:

$ git repo

New git aliases commands

Some git alias commands for single repository workflow are introduced:

Alias commands Actual commands
git peer-review git repo upload –single
git pr git repo upload –single
git review git repo upload –single
git download git repo download –single
git abandon git repo abandon –single

Note:alias commands may be replaced by externally installed executables (e.g. git-review of OpenStack community), please use other alias commands that are not replaced.

Other commonly used git alias commands:

Alias commands Actual commands
git br git branch
git ci git commit -s
git co git checkout
git cp git cherry-pick
git logf git log –pretty=fuller
git logs git log –pretty=refs –date=short

Other useful git configs

Show proper file names for unicode paths:

        quotepath = false

Add option --autosquash automatically for git rebase -i command:

        autosquash = true

Add a summary of merged commits in commit log for git merge:

        log = true